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November 19, 2021 | 4:54pm

MANILA, Philippines — A candidate’s pasarela or gait could spell wonders for her chances in getting a high placement in any pageant system.

It was what made pageant fans take a second look at Dominican Republic’s Kimberly Jimenez at last summer’s Miss Universe edition. It was what made Shamcey Supsup-Lee stand out at the 2011 Brazil edition. And it was what cemented Catriona Gray’s victory at the 2018 Bangkok edition.

That is probably the reason why reigning Miss Universe Philippines 2021 Beatrice Luigi Gomez is doing double time in her pasarela training. From what we’ve seen from her gait at the recent Michael Leyva bridal show, as well as the short clips from her Aces & Queens camp, Bea is stage ready!

Albeit needing a few minor tweaks here and there, Bea’s runway skills are near perfect. What’s probably needed is her timing and speed in the different categories that will need different levels of gait. Her twirls and turns are flawless and her full-step catwalk has become very graceful. All she needs now is take in the physical setting of the final show stage so she can fully approximate her moves come coronation night.

Fashion designer Francis Libiran, who created Megan Young’s winning gown, is rumored to be doing seven gowns for Bea and her team to choose from.

After her final training sessions, Bea will be doing her required quarantine prior to departure. She’ll be leaving for Tel Aviv on November 25, the same day as Anchilee Scott-Kemmis of Thailand. Both girls informed fans of this fact during a recent Instagram Live session with Colombia’s Valeria Ayos and Chile’s Antonia Figueroa.

Bea and Anchilee will arrive in Israel just in time for the registration and sashing ceremony.

The 70th Miss Universe calendar will reportedly follow this schedule:

  • November 28 to 29: Arrival and registration
  • November 28 to December 4: Fitting and photo shoot (Ramada Wyndham in Jerusalem)
  • December 4 to 14: Pre-pageant events (Isrotel Yam Sur in Eilat)
  • December 6 to 7: Preliminary/panel interview
  • December 8: Preliminary competitions
  • December 9 to 11: Rehearsals
  • December 12: Final show

Stay tuned for more updates in the weeks and days leading to the coronation night.

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