She’s curly. She’s pretty. She’s hot.

Talking about Elle, a bullied ugly-duckling- turned- sexy- vlogger played by Viva hottie AJ Raval in “Crush Kong Curly.”

Elle believes that sex is power and she is using to her advantage  – doing both public or private shows for paying customers.

It’s not as if Elle is doing it for the glory. She is doing it mainly to help provide for her family.

She wants to help build their dream home.

Of course, she keeps what she does for a living a secret.

Thankfully, those who know, like her friends, are supportive of her, no matter how wild she gets. 

Deep inside though, Elle longs for authentic love.

Her first love broke her heart, but she’s not afraid to open her heart again.

But while she waits for “the one,” she’ll just keep opening her legs for eager viewers.

In comes Peter as played by Wilbert Ross.

Elle hires Peter for home repairs and one thing leads to another.

But surprise, suprise!

Their passionate tryst was soon made available on social media.

But why and by who?

“Crush Kong Curly” also stars Viva’s Maui Taylor as Pia, sister of Peter, Gina Pareño as Lola Elvie, Chad Kinis and Loren Mariñas as friends of Elle, Andrew Muhlach as Peter’s buddy, Jao Mapa as Peter’s brother-in-law, Madeleine Red as Elle’s sister, and Gab Lagman as Elle’s first love.

It streams on Vivamax starting Dec. 17.

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