THE BANGSAMORO government’s information and communications technology office met Friday with other agencies as it finalizes the region’s e-government masterplan and policy recommendations that will be submitted to parliament for legislation.  

The masterplan and proposals will be based on a policy research conducted by the Institute of Bangsamoro Studies (IBS), which led the meeting along with the Bangsamoro Information and Technology and Communications Office and The Asia Foundation.       

Bangsamoro ICT Office Executive Director Jonathan M. Mantikayan said output from their consultations with stakeholders will also be used for the plans and recommendations.   

IBS consultant Norodin D. Salam said the overall goal is not simply to set up a stable digital system but to ensure a “physical way of connecting people through transactions or fast-tracking the transfer of goods and services through connectivity.”  

“Generally, the challenge on connectivity are adoption of a comprehensive and strategic approach that will lead to coordination, radio frequencies that enable mobile connectivity, addressing gaps between needed and actual financing investments,” Mr. Salam said in a press release from the Bangsamoro government. 

Ralph Sinsuat, officer-in-charge of ICT office’s Infrastructure and Services Division, said it is crucial to identify the suitable and most efficient technology for the region’s geography.     

The masterplan, he said, will identify the “strategic and applicable methods to improve the connectivity in (the Bangsamoro) mainland and islands such as installation of a cell tower, internet satellite, and through fiber optic cable (land) or submarine cable,” Mr. Sinsuat said.   

Mr. Mantikayan said they have no target date yet for completing the masterplan, but their aim is to start rolling out some of the components within the regional government’s extended transition period from 2022-2025.    

“We are going to complete the formulation of BEGMP (Bangsamoro E-Government Master Plan) within the transition period, but deliverables should be underway within the 3-year bracket,” he said. — MSJ 

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