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November 24, 2021 | 12:00am

Believing that no mother is worthless as they can do wonders in looking after their loved ones without formal training, Reinanay Julianne Torres bested seven other finalists to be crowned as Reina ng Tahanan’s Ang Pinakatatanging Ina.

When asked in the final round what advice she could give to a mother who feels that she has no worth, Julianne said, “I would tell her that we were all made in the image and likeness of God. We are perfect in His eyes as children of God.”

“God equips Moms. Did anyone undergo training or learn how to be a mom in school? None. But when you become a mom, you instinctively know how to take care of your children, especially when they are sick,” explained Julianne, whose family was also hit by COVID-19.

As the winner, Julianne won P300,000 cash, a house and lot from Lumina, a business package from UrbaniTea, a jewelry package from Manila Diamond Studio, a sash, and a crown designed by Michael Halasan.

Julianne, who also won the Gowndang Nanay Award, earned an average score of 96.8 percent from choosegados Janice de Belen, Ruffa Gutierrez, Amy Perez, Elisse Joson and 1969 Miss Universe Gloria Diaz.

Before making it to the final three, Julianne was asked in the question and answer round to identify a decision she made that deviated from what her mom taught her.

“We choose to homeschool our child. We respect our teachers, who are our unsung heroes. We decided on homeschooling because we believe in the importance of values formation during the developmental years. If we can lay a strong foundation early on, it will be with them until they grow old. The world will be full of love and goodness,” she said.

Completing the Royal Three were first runner-up Leona Anderson, who made it to the finals after winning the wildcard round and voted as Madlang Pipol’s Choice, with a score of 95.6 percent and won P100,000 and a jewelry set.

Second runner-up Lilia Aban, also awarded The Greatest Showmom, won P50,000 and a jewelry set.

The other finalists were Diana Jade Salundaguit, Catrina Antonio, Analyn Salvador, Yolly Magat, and Zenaida Villas, who won the Mamaasahang Kaibigan Award.

Kapamilya singers Nyoy Volante, Jed Madela, Jason Dy, and TNT grand winners JM Yosures and Reiven Umali serenaded the eight grand finalists.

The official hashtag #TangingReINAngTahanan also trended on Twitter Philippines as netizens rooted for their favorite Reinanays who enjoyed showcasing their talents and sharing their nuggets of wisdom as moms.

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