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November 24, 2021 | 12:13pm

MANILA, Philippines — Singing duo Jesse and Christian Perkins released their first Christmas single titled “Not Alone this Christmas,” their first Christmas song under new record label Warner Music.

The song progresses with a moombathon/island style chord pluck along with toms and bongo percussion. 

The Filipino-American twin brothers were inspired to write the lyrics to the song for those who are physically or emotionally feeling “alone” this Christmas. 

Jesse said that the song comes at a difficult time, as the COVID-19 pandemic has exasperated stress and fear across the globe. 



 “There are real feelings of loneliness this season and we wanted to bring a message of hope through our music,” Jesse said.  

Christian says that the song is a reminder that we have the “greatest Christmas gift” of all in Jesus Christ. 

“Heaven came down ‘for us’ through Jesus,” Jesse said. 

“Christ is the assurance that we are not alone this Christmas.”

Perkins (formerly Perkins Twins) just signed with Warner Music and are set to release a series of new songs starting in 2022. 

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