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November 25, 2021 | 12:00am

Viva Records’ newly-launched girl group LITZ wants to make a name in the local and global music scene with its “glitzy and fierce” performances, under the tutelage of G-Force head Georcelle Dapat-Sy, also known as Teacher Georcelle.

First of all, Teacher Georcelle made it clear that they are not K-pop. “I really want to find our space in this music industry. I really want P-pop to boom,” she said in a digital media conference.

“The Philippines is rich in natural resources. Kahit anong itanim mo, tutubo. Dito po marami talaga tayong talent at ‘yan ang yaman ng Pilipinas. Everyone can sing, everyone can dance and everyone can act. It’s just a matter of kelan natin pahihinugin? Lahat sila may kinang, kelan natin pakikinangin?” she continued.

“It’s nice to have an inspiration (from K-pop), an influence. It’s a good start but you know, we should find who we really are. Who they really are,” she declared.

So, what can the public expect from the sing-and-dance all-female group? “Expect a baddie performance from LITZ. Baddie as in sexy, cool and vibrant,” enthused Teacher Georcelle.

The five-member group has been training for months under the choreographer-artist, who has worked with major stars in the show business such as Sarah Geronimo, Anne Curtis and Vice Ganda. Teacher Georcelle is the choreographer behind Sarah’s iconic dance moves in record-breaking hit Tala.

LITZ is made up of Heart Ryan Evangelista, 19; Ashtine Olviga, 22; Bianca Santos, 20; Fatima Añonuevo, 20; and Yumi Garcia, 18. The group was formed in 2020 and started training with G-Force this year. LITZ is an abbreviation for “Life in the sunshine (stylized with ‘Z’).” “Teacher said that we light up the place every time when we’re together.? We’re part of other music acts from before, and then LITZ was formed,” shared Ashtine.

The goal for the girls is to introduce “who really is LITZ,” said Heart to which Fatima added they want to go global.

The four talented young artists have been individually handpicked by Boss Vic del Rosario, revealed Teacher Georcelle. “They asked me to handle them and I said ‘Sure!’ (Viva) really gave me the freedom when it comes to grooming them. It’s really up to me. And I have their full support.”

“They want LITZ to have the same treatment, the same care that I give the biggest stars here and why not? I think the girls of LITZ deserve that. We all believe in the talents of Heart, Ashtine, Bianca, Fatima and Yumi,” she added.

Teacher Georcelle told The STAR that the P-pop group has still a lot of room for improvement since it only started last May. In fact, the artists were very nervous during the press conference and only loosened up a bit as the program went on.

The dance master also wants to work on their “individual presence.” “They are all social media stars in their own platforms. Everything you see on TikTok, their vibe and their presence on social media, I really wanna work with that because that’s them eh. My role talaga is to bring out the best in each girl. When it comes to kung ano ang edge nila, they have individual presence na talaga and I really wanna work with that.”

Teacher Goercelle sees the big potential in the group and she can attest to how “hungry and very excited” the girls are. “They really enjoy what they are doing. I don’t wanna say they’re passionate about this because we are all passionate about our jobs. But what’s really interesting is excited sila palagi. Uhaw, excited, and hungry. We’ll get back to them after a year, ‘pag pinagod na namin ng husto,” she quipped.

They also want to empower everyone through their performances, stated Heart. One thing that connects them together and makes them special is that they are close to each other. “We have similar likes and dislikes, and we know what we can offer, what our weaknesses are and our strengths, and we pull each other up. We’re real friends. And that’s the best quality we have in our group.”

When asked if the world is ready for P-pop acts like them, Heart answered, “I think the world is ready for anything. It’s 2021, people are very open-minded and very accepting. I think the world right now is opening up to different (culture and acts) and they are accepting that difference.”

For a starter, LITZ just released its single Natataranta, accompanied by a music video, which was penned by Thyro Alfaro and originally recorded by James Reid. The popular track was given a different flavor by the girl group with its “electropop-tinged dance song of female empowerment.”

LITZ will also make its debut performance at the upcoming concert streaming event titled Arrival: The Next Chapter of OPM, which will feature various artists including ALAMAT, Because, Claudia (Barretto), Lyca Gairanod, Cean Jr., Deny, Jehramae, Jona Soquite and Magnus Haven.

Directed by Paolo Valenciano, the Viva Live event is scheduled to stream via KTX.PH, IWANT TFC and TFC IPTV on Nov. 27 at 8 p.m.

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