The 2021 UPIS Grand Alumni Homecoming is not just a year-end celebration, but also an opportunity to look back, reminisce, and commemorate education and youth.  As the Silver Jubilarians and host batch, UPIS Batch ‘96 is pleased to invite UP High, UP Prep, UP Elem, and UPIS (UPHPEIS) alumni to join the festivities on December 11, 2021 at 7:30pm Manila time.

Armed with the task of reimagining and staging the event safely especially with the challenges that the COVID pandemic presents, Batch ‘96 will be holding the event online via Zoom, allowing all the guests to attend from anywhere in the world.  Amazing musical performances are lined up and exciting raffle prizes will be given out to online attendees.

The University of The Philippines Integrated School is renowned for its status as a laboratory school, service school, and center of excellence in Filipino education.  One of its most unique characteristics is the broad diversity of its student population, with representatives from all economic backgrounds.

The UPIS Grand Alumni Homecoming also serves as the culminating affair of various events and fundraising activities mounted earlier in the year. These were held specifically to assist with the technology needs of the teachers and students of UPIS who do not have the resources to purchase devices and internet access needed for online education.

With the pandemic pushing the entire UPHPEIS Alumni community together to show support for UPIS as an expression of gratitude for their alma mater, the unprecedented outpouring of contributions from the community is something truly worth celebrating.

To join fellow UP High, UP Prep, UP Elem, and UPIS Alumni in this exciting online event, registrations can be made through the website:

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