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November 25, 2021 | 9:47am

MANILA, Philippines — TrueID recently released its eSports documentary series titled “Game Mode” co-produced by actor and content creator Richard Juan.  

Directed by Kristhoff Cagape, the series follows the rise of Philippine eSports as told by key figures in the industry. 

An array of topics about Philippine eSports are discussed in the series, which include its history, the career choices one can pursue in the industry, and the foray of Filipino players into the international scene. 

The series also explores the newly established college degree in eSports in the Philippines and what’s next for the gaming realm in the country.

Hosted by content creator Janeena Chan, “Game Mode” features experts from various esports companies in the country namely Marlon Marcelo and Izo Lopez of Mineski, Daren Vitug of The Nationals, Izo Lopez of Gariath Concepts, and John Gonzales of Tier One.

You can watch “Game Mode” for free on TrueID’s website: https://bit.ly/31KULOn. Or you can download the TrueID app on Google Play Store: https://bit.ly/pprjgps.

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