Introducing NOERDEN, a French digital tech company that aims to have the smartest health tech devices to disrupt the ill-designed and overpriced market of consumer products. Distributed by Rustan Marketing Corporation (RMK), the brand features two smart products that connect users to a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle without compromising design.

NOERDEN’S LIZ Insulated Smart Bottle and the MINIMI Smart Body Scale are the brand’s first products to enter the Philippine market. Liz is a next-gen self-cleaning smart bottle with built-in UV sterilization, hydration reminders, and temperature range; while the Minimi is a mini smart body scale with a bluetooth connection for detailed body composition analysis.

A self-cleaning smart bottle

The LIZ Insulated Smart Bottle promises clean drinking and consistent hydration through its touch-responsive lid. Two taps on the lid signal sterilization of the bottle or the water inside thanks to its built-in system with UV-C light, which destroys 99.9% of harmful viruses and odor-causing bacteria by breaking down its DNA. The process only takes 5 minutes to complete, which is signaled through a blinking white light on the bottle’s LED indicator. Its lid-opening detector automatically halts the sterilization if the LIZ is opened before the 5-minute mark ends.

The smart bottle is made of insulated 316 stainless steel that can keep drinks hot  for 12 hours and cold for 24 hours. Thanks to its temperature range features, users can easily determine the drink’s state by simply tapping the lid once. An LED light on the lid will blink according to the colors that correspond to the drink’s current temperature: blue for cold, yellow for warm, and red for hot.

LIZ always makes sure that users stay hydrated by blinking every two hours. it actually lasts for an average of one month with one round of UV sterilization per day. What’s more, the LIZ won the Red Dot Award 2020 for its product design—was built with the intention of fighting plastic pollution through its integration of a surgical-grade stainless steel body and a food-grade BPA-free anti-leak plastic lid.

A comprehensive scale to maintain health

The MINIMI Smart Body Scale is a lightweight wireless device with a Bluetooth connection for detailed body composition analysis. This isn’t just any ordinary scale that only displays bodyweight but can overall measure 9 detailed biometrics by using the latest Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) technology with 4 precision sensors. MINIMI synchronizes data with Apple Health and Google Fit Connectivity, through the NOERDEN app for detailed body composition analysis with comprehensive data reports and trends with clear graphs. Users can also personalize the smart body scale to align it with their own personal goals by setting targets like a virtual health journal on the app. Unlike typical smart gadgets that are limited to four users only, the MINIMI is open to unlimited users so the experience can be shared with the whole family, who can likewise download the app and create free accounts to track their health and reach their fitness goals.

Weight isn’t the only factor users need to focus on to achieve a healthy lifestyle. From what one eats to how often he or she hydrates and exercises, it’s all connected. This is why the smart scale uses nine biometrics, thus giving a more complete report on the individual’s overall health: Weight, BMI, BMR, Fat Mass, Lean Body Mass, Hydration, Visceral Fat, Bone Mass, and even your Metabolic Age. Allowing ease of use, each biometric is explained in the app for better appreciation among those who are encountering the terms for the very first time.

MINIMI can be used for any body type. Those who work out more than 7 hours a week can also enable Athlete Mode to get a personalized algorithm for more accurate results. Usable by all household members, everyone can share and use MINIMI by simply downloading the NOERDEN app and creating a free account.

Founded by French entrepreneur, Christophe Cermolacce, NOERDEN aims to boost lifestyles by providing tech that suits and delights its users. He explains, “We created NOERDEN in 2016 to disrupt the ill-designed and overpriced market of consumer tech products to offer consumers a seamless, connected, and qualitative alternative. Now we develop fun wellness and fitness tech for everyday life.”

The LIZ Insulated Smart Bottle is available in black or white at Php 4,650 for 480ml and Php 3,950 for 350ml. The MINIMI Smart Body Scale is available in black or white at Php 2,150. Customers may order from NOERDEN at Rustan’s Department Store Shangri-la Plaza and Makati;, BeautyMnl, Zalora, and

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