To those not in the know, Gabbi Garcia and Khalil Ramos are more than just a love team.

They are a real-life couple.

They first met in 2015, started dating in 2017, and have since maintained a healthy, happy relationship.

They are also both with GMA, leading to them being paired in several projects.

Do they consider it a boon or bane?

Gabbi believes it is an advantage.

She explained: “Kasi there’s no need for us get to know each other pa. We can freely discuss what needs to be done na walang ilangan.”

Khalil added: “We welcome it kasi we get to hang out and work at the same time so it’s a bonding experience for us and it’s fun.”

But they keep things professional, setting their personal relationship aside while working.

“‘Pag nasa set kami we don’t treat each other as boyfriend-girlfriend,” Gabbi maintained.

Khalil agreed, relating they don’t want to be “boxed” by their relationship.

“It’s a good thing that we really started out as friends. We’re best friends. So it’s easy for us to adjust when it comes to work.”

Gabbi and Khalil are paired in “Stories from the Heart: Love On Air,” which premieres November 29 on GMA Afternoon Prime.

It is Khalil’s first series with GMA.

“I am really excited kasi nga it’s been a long wait din for us,” he said.

The two were supposed to star in another show but it was postponed due to the pandemic.

Gabbi intoned, “I’m happy with this show landing on our lap. We are hopeful fans would enjoy watching it.”

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