Inspired by the phrase “holding on for life” singer-songwriter Anson Seabra recently released his latest EP, “Feeling for My Life.”

Containing 9 tracks, the whole project is a roller coaster of emotions described as “a record about finding myself, about putting into words and music the things that needed to be said for me and for no one else.”

“I am a very sensitive person, I have a lot of feelings. I believe that if I don’t feel my feelings, things will be very wrong, so this EP is a summation of tracks of the various feelings I’ve had of varying depths,” he said.

For Anson, the present is “a hard time to be a human being” and he hopes that the EP will “give listeners a sense of what it’s like to live in the world as a highly sensitive person, of the highs and lows of being a young adult today. I hope that within every song my fans can find solace and a sense of peace in knowing they are not alone in their struggles.”

With this theme in mind, “Feeling for My Life” introduces two singles that chronicle two very different, yet relatable life experiences. “Walked Through Hell” is a somber piano piece that speaks of heartbreak and “getting crushed” while “Keep Your Head Up Princess” is an uplifting tune about bringing child-like magic back into adult life.

“‘Walked Through Hell’ is a song about feeling that you would walk through hell for someone only to have them walk away from you basically. And I think everyone can relate to needing someone to be there for them and not being there when they need it,” he said of the former. As for “Keep Your Head Up, Princess”, Anson states: “I just wanted to write a song that was uplifting. I always wanted to tell stories with my songs. There’s such a magic to being a kid, it’s so carefree. All you care about is having fun, so I wrote this song about this little girl who had so much magic in her eyes, and then she slowly lost touch with it and it’s very hard to revitalize that magic that I think is still in all of us,”

These two songs not only capture the feelings of disappointment and lost hope, they were also able to masterfully demonstrate Anson’s belief in the power of a song.

“The power of a song to singularly crack you like an egg is so potent like nothing else,” he recalls, “So for me, I have just been ripped open my favorite songs and I know my music can have that same effect. It’s very therapeutic to listen and to make,” he concluded.

Anson Seabra’s “Feeling for My Life is now available in major streaming platforms.

Image courtesy of Photographer: Matty Vogel

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