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November 30, 2021 | 2:43pm

MANILA, Philippines — Kapamilya actor Albie Casiño revealed it is difficult for him to forgive ex-girlfriend Andi Eigenmann on the paternity controversy because it cost him millions of pesos in projects and endorsements. 

In his recent interview with Cinema News, Albie said his reply in a screenshot conversation wherein Andi was asking for forgiveness was a lie. 

“If you read my reply, I said, ‘We’re all good. Whatever.’ That was honestly a lie,” he said. 

“I just didn’t want to talk to her anymore. I feel if I told her how I really felt, the conversation would have gotten longer. ‘I really don’t want to waste any more time of my day talking to you, thinking about you. Be happy in the beach wherever you are and just leave me alone’,” he added. 



Albie, who at that time was paired with Kathryn Bernardo in “Mara Clara,” said he lost a lot of money because of the paternity controversy. 

“How about I lost a lot of millions of pesos worth of projects and endorsements from that? And it wasn’t just a P100,000, bro. It’s a million pesos worth of, I guess, damages,” he said. 

“That’s literally money they put out of my bank account. That’s money that could have changed my family’s life. Money that could have changed my life, right? So how can I be okay with them? Why would I be okay with them?” he added.

Albie’s name has been cleared after a DNA test confirmed that Jake Ejercito is the father of Andi’s now 10-year-old daughter Ellie. —Video from Cinema One YouTube channel

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