Globe Business supported initiatives to combat sea turtle egg poaching and reforestation efforts in Zambales.

It contributed P500,000 to The Mead Foundation drive to combat sea turtle egg poaching and reforestation.

“It is important for companies to think beyond profit as a sole metric of success and a sole purpose,” said Peter Maquera, senior vice president for Globe Business, Enterprise Group, in a news release.

”Instead, let us measure our performance based on our efforts to improve the world we live in and uplift the lives of the people—from the policies we enact, the investments we make, and the technology we use,” Maquera added.

The donation was made during Globe Business’ 12th Leadership Innovation Forum attended by over 900 guests, including C-Level executives and leaders from various industries.

With the theme, “Bigger Picture, Greater Future: Redefining Success Beyond Business,” the online event underscores the power that environmental, social and governance integration has on the future of enterprises.

“The Mead Foundation thanks Globe for their recognition of and support for our non-profit initiatives focused on conservation of the environment and community development. While the pandemic has presented unique challenges, we have worked diligently to continue our programs as the need remains as great as ever,” said Ben Mead, founder of The Mead Foundation.

The foundation is preparing for the pawikan (sea turtle) season, the time when these endangered species start nesting. The conservation project aims to protect the sea turtles and prevent poachers from smuggling the eggs to areas where they are eaten as a delicacy.

In addition, The Mead Foundation will use the funds for the ongoing reforestation program in Iba, Zambales, which Globe has supported since 2018.

The foundation also works closely with indigenous communities, the Aetas of Zambales, to provide them with livelihood opportunities. 

Engaging local communities yields positive environmental, ecological, and social benefits. It makes people aware of their significant role and participation in taking care of the area, the importance of environmental protection, and the benefits of a natural forest area, Globe said.

Both Globe Business and The Mead Foundation believe that partnership and collaboration help achieve impactful outcomes by enabling corporations and individuals with three key components: reforestation, food security, and sustainable livelihood development.

Globe strongly supports the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, particularly UN SDG 15, which promotes the protection, restoration, and sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems.

Globe is committed to upholding the UN Global Compact principles and contributing to 10 UN SDGs.

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