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February 17, 2022 | 1:35pm

MANILA, Philippines — Miss Universe Philippines 2021 Beatrice Luigi Gomez finally revealed the reason why she and ex-girlfriend Kate Jagdon broke up.

In her Instagram story, Beatrice said that she chose to stay silent all the time after people accused her of so many things.

“I chose to compartmentalize my own personal baggage and set it aside to focus on representing Cebu City for MUPH, and after that focused all my energy in training and working hard for the Miss Universe competition. Aside from the pressure of representing the country, I had to suffer being scrutinized by people who didn’t know my side of the story,” she said.

“What made me finally say enough is enough is the continuous harassment towards me and my loved ones,” she added.

Beatrice said that trolls went on to her social media accounts posting comments about her personal life. She added that until now she’s receiving hate on the platform that she uses for her advocacy. 

“Fake news from social media corrupted so many minds. It affected even the things I advocate for, the very people who I’ve been rallying for way before Bb. Cebu and MUPH tried to cancel me and told me that I only used being an LGBT member for the clout. Clout chasing is staying in a toxic relationship just to keep you people entertained,” she said.

“Doubts, fears, and trust issues began to grow as I continued to see people hiding behind fake accounts attacking me and harassing me. It was honestly taking its toll on my mental health. It was affecting my family and friends, and yet I continued to keep quiet. I didn’t want anyone to get hurt by telling it all,” she added.

Beatrice also said that receiving hate messages from Kate’s followers took toll on her mental health.

“I continued to receive messages from her followers, friends, and family about how they wished I’d lose because ‘I made her life miserable when I decided to break up with her.’ I can only endure so much for too long. It is hard to advocate for mental health when I myself struggled through pressure, anxiety, and even depression,” she said.

She revealed that Kate cheated on her with a guy named Adam.

“When I was on my way to the MUPH competition, after a series of confrontations I learned that she had already been entertaining a person named ‘Adam’ for over a year during our relationship, she’s made out with someone, made a move on other girls, and have been going out more often than usual that there were even times she wouldn’t come home for days,” she revealed.

“I wouldn’t know where she was or who she was with. I didn’t recognize her anymore and things began to change. People warned me about what she’s been doing and yet I continued to defend her and even tried my best to make it work,” she added.

The beauty queen also said that she tried hard for the relationship to work even though they are in a long distance relationship.

“For over two months when I was already here in Manila, I was on video call with her for as much as possible. But long distance made it hard for us, there were days that instead of talking about how our days went, she’d be in a party or playing her video games. I wasn’t perfect either. I focused too much on trying to grow granted,” she said. 

“All along she had been the victim of this breakup because she chose to,” she furthered. “She didn’t have to explain herself because I was already being antagonized and everyone’s sympathy was with her. I’ve struggled a lot living alone, adjusting to a new city, and even getting to know people who I can trust and depend on. I gained strength, courage, and confidence to get used to a life without her.”

She thanked her friends including her boyfriend John Odin for being always there for her. 

“People like Sven Chua, Edward Castro, Dom Moreno, Maui Potente, Oyelle de Leon, and John Odin, were few of the people who were constantly present when I needed someone to keep me going during my MUPH stint. That kind of support grew when I won and was about to compete for MU. People who said they’d be here to support me when I needed them only wanted to be present when I already won,” she said.

Beatrice wrapped up her statement saying she wishes all the best for her ex-girlfriend.

“I can only hope for the best for both of us. I did love her. I don’t regret anything in the six years that we’ve been together. I loved her until the last day I was with her. We both deserve to be happy.. genuinely happy,” she said.

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