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February 17, 2022 | 2:23pm

MANILA, Philippines — Paramount Plus is producing a “Blue’s Clues” movie this year, and it will star the three generations of hosts together for a big adventure.

“Whose clues? Blue’s Clues! ???? The crew’s headed to the Big Apple in a new movie, Blue’s Big City Adventure, coming this year to @paramountplus,” the Nick Jr. account wrote on Twitter.

“Blue’s Clues” is a children’s show which premiered in 1996, where audience get to follow a curious blue puppy named Blue. The puppy leaves paw prints on items or the clues, which her owner must seek out in order to solve a puzzle of the day. Blue’s house is full of talking objects who help the owner solve the daily mystery.

Steve Burns played the first “Blue’s Clues” host until the character “left for college.” But behind the scenes, Burns simply wanted to move on. Just recently, Steve went viral for giving an overdue closure video for former kids that watched the show. He acknowledged that he left the show abruptly, breaking the hearts of the ’90s kids at the time.

In 2002, Donovan Patton took over as Steve’s brother Joe. “Blue’s Clues” ran for another two seasons, before being replaced by a spinoff called “Blue’s Room”, which turned the titular dog into a talking puppet.

Filipino-American Joshua dela Cruz was announced as the host of the 2019 reboot of the iconic children’s show called “Blue’s Clues & You”.

“I never saw myself on television. Growing up, we were the foreigner, the villain, the joke. To be in this capacity…these are things I feel so lucky that I get to share that with kids – that you can be comfortable with your feelings, you can ask for help,” the Fil-Am actor said in an interview.

In “Blue’s Clues & You”, Josh goes on an adventure with young viewers to figure out a mystery through clues that Blue, a puppy, leaves around for them to find. In one of the reboot’s more historic episodes, Josh bakes bibingka, a Filipino baked rice cake, and introduces viewers to his lola, or grandmother in Filipino.

In the new movie, Steve, Joe and Josh will be alongside their friend Blue as they help her navigate this new world in New York, their location for the movie, and on the streaming app, as their new platform. Paramount was none too shy about getting family friendly content on the app after its launch. 

Paramount Plus dropped this description of the latest season of “Blue’s Clues & You!”.

“In the fourth season of Blue’s Clues & You! (26 half-hour episodes), Josh (Josh Dela Cruz) and Blue will adventure to new locations in their bustling neighborhood, from an epic quest as brave knights to saving the day as firefighter helpers and more. The season will also feature new music and fun-filled holiday traditions with family and friends,” a statement described the fourth season at the time of renewal.”

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