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February 21, 2022 | 12:13pm

MANILA, Philippines — Actress Alex Gonzaga gave her reaction and insight on the recent bashing her sister, Toni Gonzaga, received online relating to political leanings.

Alex was featured in the February 19 episode of newswoman Karen Davila’s YouTube Channel, as the two toured the newly rehabilitated Manila Zoo.

The actress spoke up about the bond she has with Toni, noting that her sister has always been “stronger and more independent,” and “equipped” to handle bashing.

“Sa family, iba-iba ng political stand but my daddy would always say na you know, ‘Your political stand is your right but mas importante is family than anything, any issue’,” she said. “So we support each other, we know our stand.”

“Knowing my sister, I know she’s a strong person and I know na hindi siya dadalhin ni Lord doon nang hindi siya ready. My sister was bashed even before nu’ng bata pa. She was bullied preschool pa lang hanggang sa pag-aartista niya,” she stated. “During that time, I think she was so equipped and so ready for that.”

“Matapang ang ate ko, she’s born for this,” she added. She also noted that whenever she asks her sister through text messages if she’s okay, Toni redirects the topic to her son Seve Soriano.

“Ang bond namin (strong) kasi my dad would always tell us, ‘Kayo magkakampi, ang kasiraan ng kapatid mo, kasiraan mo rin’,” she added. 

“I don’t consider my sister as my best friend but I think she considers me as her best friend, pero ako hindi, kasi minsan siya nagiging ate siya e. Minsan may secrets ako, sasabihin ko kapag tapos na,” she said. “She’s a mentor and a mother to me.”

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