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February 24, 2022 | 12:00am

Alexa Ilacad and KD Estrada may not have won the nods of their fellow housemates while staying in the Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) house, but they have certainly captured the hearts of many fans, who followed their journey on the reality TV show and shipped them as KDLex.

As housemates, Alexa and KD held on to each other to cope with mental health issues, hurdle the challenging tasks, and overcome the numerous times they were nominated for evictions.

All that changed the night they exited the PBB house. Alexa and KD, who had formed a genuine bond, were overwhelmed by the outpouring of support from KDLex fans.

“I did not think we would be loved this much because of the many times we were nominated in the house,” KD recalled. “But I kinda felt it when we were inside because we were always saved. People like how we bonded. I just feel super grateful and blessed.”

Alexa expressed surprise at the public’s reaction and recalled an eviction night when she heard fans chanting, “KDLex! KDLex!”

“It was the night Shanaia was evicted. We were at the garden. KD was comforting me. Then, we heard the chant. Sabi ko, ‘Is that us? You and me? Why?’ Then, Kuya instructed us to get inside the house,” she recalled.

“Gulat talaga. Then, after watching all the clips, kaya pala. Ang ganda ng relationship namin. Ipinaglaban namin ang isa’t isa,” she continued.

Alexa and KD, or simply KDLex, have taken the digital platforms by storm. When they stream on Kumu, fans shower them with virtual gifts. Their collaboration in the online fund-raising concert By Request did so well online. Not only was it a success, it also provided numerous kilig moments for viewers.

Likewise, the KDLex love team has trended several times on Twitter. And the promise ring that KD gave Alexa generated a lot of social media buzz.

“It was the first time for me to give a ring. I think giving it to Alexa is very symbolic,” KD said. “We were filming, and Alexa was guesting. When we were done, we were sitting on the couch. She was sleeping on my shoulder. I took her hand and put it (ring) on her finger. Then, she woke up.”

“I woke up and felt him put a ring on my finger. Iniisip ko why. Sabi niya, wala lang at sa akin lang daw. Sabi ko, you can get it back anytime. That ring is so special. Binigay ng mom niya,” said Alexa.

With such closeness, Alexa and KD teased fans to expect surprises in their forthcoming grand virtual meet-and-greet, Closer: The KDLex FanCon, on Feb. 26 at 8 p.m. via KTX and SKY Pay-Per-View, presented by ABS-CBN Events and Kumu.

Alexa assured fans that the event would be as authentic as a jamming session. She said, “We want our concert to be as raw as possible because people learned to love us through a reality show, where they saw who we really are. We want to continue that and make the show super comfortable, laidback, like a cool acoustic session.”

“That’s how we are going to do it,” shared KD about the exclusive event, which will be held on the day of Alexa’s birthday. “There are gonna be some surprises.”

When asked what have they discovered about each other after leaving the PBB house, both Alexa and KD find each other to be clingy in a positive way and they are thankful for having each other.

“Thank you for giving me strength and just being such a great partner,” Alexa told KD at the Closer media conference. “I am sorry if I rant a lot.”

“I also rant a lot. Thank you for helping me and understanding me,” KD told Alexa. “I am thankful we met inside the PBB house. If we did not, none of this would have happened. Thank you for being my partner. What I have with Alexa is priceless.”

The fancon will be hosted by Robi Domingo. KDLex’s former housemate, Shanaia Gomez, will join the event as a special guest.

Regular tickets to Closer are still up for grabs on ktx.ph for P199, while SVIP and VIP tickets were sold out an hour after they were released. The event is also available on SKY Pay-Per-View.

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