LABOR leader and presidential candidate Leodegario “Ka Leody” de Guzman is looking into filing charges as he called on authorities to investigate those behind the internet domain kaleody.com, which redirects users to the website of one of his opponents, Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos, Jr. 

“We are currently studying how to file a case against those behind the domain grabbing,” Mr. de Guzman said in a Viber message in Filipino.

“We have evidence that kaleody.com redirects to bongbongmarcos.com, just to remind everyone our campaign website is kaleody.org,” he added.

Volunteers and supporters of the labor leader on Sunday launched a campaign website that features his biography, policy plans, and stances on relevant issues of the country. 

Incidents like these, he said, are “dirty tricks” that intend to bring confusion and sabotage other campaigns. 

“We already expected that these elitist traditional parties play dirty, however, I did not expect them to steal even my name like how they stole everything else,” he said.

The office of Mr. Marcos has yet to issue a statement on the incident. — John Victor D. Ordonez

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