Matteo Guidicelli recently spoke about his marriage’s positive effect on his mental well-being.

On Feb. 20, the actor-athlete and TV host marked two years of wedded bliss to Sarah Geronimo, telling the pop star in a social media post: “Through thick and thin and all the ups and downs, we will be partners for life.”

What the couple went through to get there is public knowledge. Looking back, it was a decision worth making for the 31-year-old.

“Marrying the wife — that was a major decision in my life that one wouldn’t understand until he or she takes that route. It’s difficult to explain or to say, ‘Ah, ganito ito, ganito yan.’ I think everyone has their own story, their own unique feeling. Mine, our story, it was a risk that was all worth it. It’s only two years that we’ve been married, but I’m praying for a lifelong journey with my wife,” Matteo said during a recent presscon for Sun Life Philippines’ new campaign Partner in Health, after he and fellow brand ambassadors Piolo Pascual and Charo Santos-Concio for the financial services company were asked about past risks that proved to be worth taking.

In a separate one-on-one, Matteo opened up more about his marriage, as well as its impact on his mental health, given that the campaign includes Safe Space, a webinar series in collaboration with the Philippine Mental Health Association, Inc. (PMHA). Topics are Love ‘em, Hate ‘em, Stress ‘em: Mental Wellness for the Family (April 9), Imperfect Balance: How Mental Wellness Bridges Work and Life (May 14) and You are Worth It: Illuminating a Path towards Holistic Health (June 18). He’s willing to be part of the conversation on mental health, as “it’s a very, very important aspect of our lives.”

The last time we spoke to Matteo for another Sun Life campaign, he had the “honeymoon stage” glow and highly recommended married life. It’s not hard to see that things have not changed.

The actor-athlete joins Sun Life’s Partner in Health campaign

Having found a partner in life, according to Matteo, has “very much” helped his mental wellness. He said, “A lot of happiness, stress — hahaha joke lang! — it’s all part of it, all emotions, mixed emotions, up, down, curves, taas, baba, ilalim lahat!”

Matteo is offi cially two years married to Sarah Geronimo.

What makes it all “exciting and beautiful is because alam mo, you have a lifelong partnership beside you.”

He further reflected: “Marriage is a beautiful thing and if you have found the right one, it’s amazing to pursue that and continue that and have a lifelong partnership with that individual. It’s not perfect but I think that is what’s beautiful about it. You go up and down in life, you get stressed, you get happy, you get confused, but I think all of this builds one and somebody’s character for a brighter future.”

One of the things he has discovered over the pandemic is that it’s true what they say that marriage is a work-in-progress. “Two very different individuals coming to one home together, so you learn a lot from each other, yung gusto niya, yung ‘di gusto niya, yung gusto mo, yung ‘di mo gusto. Every day is a learning experience. If you ask couples, mga 50 years married, sasabihin nila, ‘I’m still learning about my wife, I’m still learning about my husband.’ Two years pa lang kami, and I’m learning so much about my wife.”

Learning about and from each other includes how to handle finances, which could cause misunderstandings and mental stress in any relationship.

Asked on lessons or tips to share with newlyweds about how to steer clear from money-related conflicts, Matteo said, “Money is a source of all evil, minsan eh, if not treated properly. You have to have a strong foundation, principles and moral values. Be open with your wife, your partner, whoever, and be very black and white, no hiding of things. Somebody has to take charge of things, and assign roles.”

Transparency is another key factor, he also said. “You have to be transparent. Kami nakasulat lahat ng expenses para alam talaga lahat. Kumbaga kung sasabihin mo ‘Uy, ano ang ginastos mo sa Feb. 14, 2020?’ Mababalikan mo yan, ‘Uy binilhan kita ng napakalaking bulaklak.’ So, mababalik mo yung moments na yun. You know, be responsible, be transparent and invest your money wisely.”

Matteo approaches married life with a “long-term vision,” which is why investing is a priority. “So hindi pwede buga palagi, kailangan mong i-plan, work hard and save and invest, di ba? Yung sinasasabi natin, save, save, save, although yung problema sa saving, meron po tayong inflation and all these things that’s why it’s very important with products like Sun Life,” he said.

“Mag-invest in insurance policies, yes, mutual funds, yes, other appreciating assets, yes. It’s very important to invest… because, you know, just like when COVID happened, nobody knew it was coming. And marami akong kakilala na, ‘Uy nangyari and wala tayong pang-ano.’… So, it’s very important to prepare and ‘be ready’ for these things. But then again, it’s easier said than done, so the sooner it can be done, prepare for moments like this.”

According to Matteo, the pandemic has also taught him the value of finding joy in simple moments spent with loved ones and in the small things in life. “With my family and with Sarah of course, one of the things that the COVID has reminded us is the simplicity of life, we don’t need so much kumbaga,” he said.

“We’re in show business, alam mo yun? It’s all about show. Maganda ang damit, maganda ang ganito, ang ganyan. But minsan, maganda lang pumunta sa beach, sa bundok and surround yourself with the locals and just remind ourselves we need a little in our lives. That’s what I personally love doing to recharge — to go up the mountains, go to the beach, no cellphones for a while, and just enjoy the basics.”

Matteo recalled that when he joined the army reserve force in 2018, “it really taught me na ano talaga ang basics,” adding that “it really humbled me, and I miss that every day and I try to appreciate that by reliving moments like that — getting dirty and having a simple life.”

Besides learning to appreciate simple things in life, Matteo shared other ways he takes care of his mental health. “Keep an active lifestyle. Have a spiritual relationship, if you believe in God or whatever religion, ako I believe in God, I’m Catholic so, I have a relationship there.

“I believe it’s important to have a balanced mindset. Mind, body and soul always. It’s easier said than done. It takes time. But if you get the right environment, the right people (around you), and have the initiative to do these things — you know, a little effort to do it — I guess, you’re going to be OK.

“I believe there’s always a solution to everything. It’s just how to find that balance, how to find that solution. Again, it’s easier said than done. But after every challenge, I believe God has a higher plan for each and everyone of us. It’s very, very important not to lose hope, not to lose belief and you always have to have a goal and the dream to pursue that.”

Meanwhile, Matteo has his 2022 goals mapped out. “We will always have goals and dreams. Especially my wife, she also has a lot of dreams and goals, we’re here together to try to achieve them. And the pandemic has opened a lot of opportunities,” he said.

These include opening up their own production house called G Productions. He added, “Hopefully, by the mid-year, we’re going to open our own studio together that can cater not just to ourselves but also to other artists. There are other plans not just on cam but also off cam in and around the showbiz industry. So, hopefully, all that will bear fruit this year.”

Growing the family is another goal. “Sana, tingnan natin, God willing. We don’t know when, we will see. Sana, dapat. Sana, sana.”

(Matteo’s video for the Partner in Health campaign can be viewed on Sun Life Philippines’ official Facebook page and YouTube channel.)

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