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February 28, 2022 | 12:00am

MANILA, Philippines — Lani Misalucha recently gave a health update on her hearing loss following a bout with bacterial meningitis in 2020. Her husband, Noli, was afflicted with the same disease that also affected his sense of hearing. The husband and wife are now in Las Vegas with their two daughters and five grandchildren.

During the virtual media conference to drumbeat Timeless Seasons, a series of shows that she is headlining with Nonoy Zuñiga starting on March 20 at the Saban Theater in Beverly Hills, California, the songstress revealed that she and her hubby continue to seek medical help in hopes of fully recovering from their hearing problem.

“Actually, kami ni Papa Nols, nag-pupunta na kami sa iba-ibang doctors. Tinitingnan namin kung ano yung pwede nilang i-suggest,” began Lani, who is now using a hearing aid.

“When we were in the hospital, there were different doctors in our room. Nandiyan ‘yung neurologist, EENT and other doctors. The neurologist told us that the type which happened to us was, somehow, very rare, walang ganung maraming cases.

“’Yung tipo nung bacteria na pumasok sa amin, yung tinatawag nila na sequelae. Kumbaga, yung damage n’ya (na idudulot) ay hearing loss, and also the vestibular disability.”

According to Lani, they asked if they would regain their hearing and would no longer feel dizzy after three months. She continued,“They didn’t give a definite answer because the cases are different, merong three months lang, OK na. Merong six months, doon pa lang makakakita ng progress.”

In their case, Lani said they had inflammation in the nerves of their brains. “’Yung husband ko nag-karoon ng internal hemorrhage sa brain. So, maraming pamamaga ng nerves sa brain namin.”

They were told that once the inflammation subsides, that’s the only time they will most likely see changes or progress in their condition.

“But the thing is, it’s already been over a year and we’re still like this. So, in other words, permanent na ito,” she said.

Lani recalled that their health issues began in 2020, the same year that she and Noli flew back to the Philippines from Las Vegas for her two-night concert with Basil Valdez. The Asia’s Nightingale even remembered that a month after their concert, she guested on ASAP to promote a single. What came next was the COVID-19 lockdown that made it impossible for them to return to the US.

“We stayed in the Philippines and that same year, my husband had a triple bypass and we’re praying to God for us not to get COVID pero iba naman ang naging sakit namin. It was October when we both had bacterial meningitis.”

Lani said that until now, they’ve never ceased from seeking medical help for their health issues.

“We’re still seeing other doctors kung ano yung pwede nilang sabihin pa. I guess, it’s just a matter of a thousand prayers or a miracle.”

Whatever happened to them, Lani stressed, they gladly accepted it. “Kung gagaling, panalo, di ba? Kung hindi, ganoon talaga, e. But of course, we won’t stop talking to doctors to know what we can still do. We’re still seeing other doctors and we’ll see what they have to say.”

At present, Lani added, they are under medication.

Meanwhile, the singer expressed happiness over her return to performing on stage in front of her kababayan in the US. Timeless Seasons is produced by Amore Entertainment under the helm of Pia Legaspi. Musical director is Louie Ilustre.

This is the first time that Lani and Nonoy will headline a major concert tour together.

“We’ve known each other for a long time. We had our own shows in the past, minsan nag-kakasabay kami as guests in shows but this is the first time for us to have a full concert to-gether,” said Lani on partnering with Nonoy.

Nonoy, for his part, said, “They (referring to Lani and their guests) were so busy at hinahayaan ko lang sila. Ngayon, tayo naman. So, we are so grateful to all our sponsors and produc-ers na talagang pinag-sama kami.”

Lani and Nonoy will also be joined by seasoned singers Louie Reyes and Jed Madela. However, Jed will not be performing in Beverly Hills and Seattle legs. Garth Garcia will perform in Beverly Hills and Tim Pavino will join in the Seattle show, presented by Sendwave, a zero-fee money transfer app for sending money to the Philippines, and Radiant Beauty Skin Care Med Spa.

Apart from being back on the US concert scene, Lani is equally delighted to share that she is back to spending time with her grandchildren. “We spent 22 months in the Philippines, so I’m happy we’re in Las Vegas and I’m back to my five grandchildren. I’m happy to be playing with them every single day,” she concluded.

(Other show dates for Timeless Seasons are March 26 at Snoqualmie Casino, Seattle; April 1, San Mateo County Event Center, California; April 2, Pala Casino, Pala, California; April 9, Ballys Casino, Atlantic City, NJ; and April 10, Chicago, IL.)


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