MANILA, Philippines — As promised, new loveteam KD Estrada and Alexa Ilacad overloaded their grand virtual meet-and-greet with kilig held Saturday night, which was also the birthday of the latter.

KD delivered this sweet message for his onscreen partner during the Closer: The KDLex FanCon: “I’m so proud of you (with) all your achievements. I know that you will really go far. I want to reassure you that you’re beautiful and talented. Don’t ever doubt yourself about that ‘coz I’ll always be there to tell you that. Happy birthday.”

The event was hosted by Robi Domingo and was streamed via KTX and SKY Pay-Per-View.

Prior to the fancon, the two had a chat with the press where they expressed their fondness for each other and detailed the reasons why they are the best match.

Alexa chose KD because they “fit well together.” “Like in a puzzle, we are the two pieces that fit. So bakit pa ako lalayo kung nasa kanya na lahat ng katangian?” said the actress-singer.

With KD, Alexa was able to pursue both music and acting. “I’m able to expand my horizons and do both acting (and music) which is what he gets din with me. I’m gonna choose someone who is good for my well-being and my mental health. And someone who just gives me good vibes. (Someone who) really strengthens me and at the same time, challenges me, which is really nice. And I really like that. Again, someone who inspires me and hello gwapo, duh,” shared the 22-year-old actress.

KD and Alexa have collaborated to drop two music releases, Misteryo and When I See You Again, under ABS-CBN’s Star Pop label.

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She further described KD as, “If I am an ice cream, he is the cherry on top.”

KD, on the other hand, felt that Alexa is the perfect match for him because they complement each other. “She is really good with lyrics but she can’t really play the guitar. I’m not good with lyrics. Pero yung guitar and music talaga yun yung forte ko. That’s one thing talaga. She makes lyrics, I make the tune. It’s just perfect talaga,” he said.

The 19-year-old newbie continued, “Besides that, I’m very new to acting. She has been acting ever since. I think I can really learn a lot from her talaga. I can pursue music and acting since I have Alexa Ilacad, a veteran actor. I can teach her about music and she can teach me about acting.”

Alexa echoed, “It’s like a metaphor actually, the music and lyrics thing. Kung ano yung kulang ng isa, pinupuno ng isa. Kailangan yung isa’t isa para makagawa ng magandang awitin.’

Just recently, the young artists dropped two music collaborations under ABS-CBN’s Star Pop label, Misteryo and When I See You Again.

Due to their great chemistry and healthy relationship, they hardly have disagreements — so far.

“Sobrang babaw na walang kwenta,” answered Alexa when asked if they had “tampuhan.” “Wala lang, nag-antay lang ako ng matagal. Super babaw (KD hugs her). Kumbaga on the scale of one to 100, two percent lang.”

“Kasi when we feel na magkakatampuhan na, or it’s gonna be an issue, we talked about it na agad para hindi na siya umabot dun or lumaki pa para maagapan na agad namin,” she told The STAR.

“We didn’t reach the point na, ‘OK I’m not gonna talk to you or hindi tayo bati. Pinag-uusapan namin kaagad,” shared KD.

Expect more music albums and projects from KDLex journey as a loveteam. Apart from showbiz, KD is also keen on investing in more businesses and establishments to continue his family’s line of work.

So, what’s the real score between them? “Of course, there’s something blossoming like that,” replied Alexa.

“It’s like a picture, it’s developing,” she explained. “We really had this talk. I really told him na I don’t want him to get into anything serious or I don’t want him to get into a relationship yet. Because with so many things happening to us right now, it can get really overwhelming as well. So, I thought that the smart and mature thing to do was to just focus on our work.”

“Honestly, it can be a bit stressful naman talaga, so sabi ko, if we add a relationship on top of that, it might be hard to handle na. So, I think it would be better to just enjoy each other’s company. Enjoy what we have right now. We don’t have to rush. We just got out of the (Pinoy Big Brother) house,” she added.

KD gives Alexa a bouquet of flowers and a necklace with a heart-shaped pendant as birthday gifts.

Nevertheless, both admitted that they are ready to fall in love.

Meanwhile, they were asked about their thoughts on how important it is putting a label in a relationship.

It’s very significant for Alexa. “Kasi you can set boundaries and with that label, no one is crossing any lines. You have a definite answer kung ano yung pwesto mo sa buhay ng taong yun. That’s also something na we talked about (with KD) na about labels. Kasi sabi ko if walang label, tapos you act a certain way, it can get confusing in the long run.”

Alexa asserted, “It’s a must talaga eh, kasi (para) no one gets hurt. Para sabihin mo na you just wanna have fun, no labels, that works for a short amount of time. Pero ‘pag nahulog ka na, asan ka na? Sinong pupulot sa’yo?”

“Basta same page kayo. That’s important. Pareho kayo ng iniisip, mahirap naman yung hindi talaga magkatugma,” she furthered.

For KD, “It doesn’t have to be restrictive to boyfriend or girlfriend. Labels can be something like you can have understanding lang like both of you have, you just set certain boundaries, guidelines. We don’t want to restrict din sa work namin. It doesn’t have to be one word. It can be whatever you guys want (it to be). Basta it’s healthy for both of you.”

They also clarified that their chemistry as an onscreen tandem is sincere and not just fan service.

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