MANILA, Philippines — In time for the recently concluded Hearts Month, Kapamilya actor Piolo Pascual gave tips on how to protect one’s heart. 

At the recent Sun Life virtual press conference, Piolo said protecting someone’s heart is not just about being romantic. 

“Be nice to yourself. It’s not all about being romantic, but feeding yourself good stuff and being nice to the people around you. That’s how you share love and take care of yourself,” he told at the virtual presser.

“Let out all the negativities and trade it with good thoughts so you can feel better. When you feel love around you, you feel better,” he added.  



Piolo admitted that he felt anxious with the pandemic because he can’t move around. 

“Parang you’re stuck. Also for the health of my family, especially my mom. Those things and worries and you know the people around you getting sick. It’s hard to deal with that,” he said. 

“I realize that it’s important to pray more and worry less.”

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