MANILA, Philippines — South Korean actress Lee Youngae of  “Jewel in the Palace” fame has donated 100 million Won (P4 million) to support Ukraine.

On March 1, Ukraine ambassador to South Korea Dmytro Ponomarenko took to social media his gratitude, posting a photo of the check sent by the actress, which was also accompanied by a handwritten letter. 

The ambassador wrote, “We are very excited and touched by the letter and the great financial contribution of the famous Korean actress Lee Youngae in support of Ukraine and the demand to end the war as soon as possible.” 

Youngae’s letter expressed the actress’ empathy toward the situation, saying she “feels the horrors” of Ukraine “more deeply” as someone who comes from a “family of veterans who went through the war.”



The actress wrote, as per a translation by Soompi, “I sincerely hope that the war will stop and peace will be established in Ukraine as soon as possible, and I pray for the well-being and safety of all Ukrainian citizens. Ukrainians, who love freedom and peace, I hope you don’t lose hope and courage.” 

The actress added that her donation is her way of showing “my small but precious heart” to Ukraine.

According to Ponomarenko, Youngae’s donations will be “transferred to the needs of victims of Russian aggression.”

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