MANILA, Philippines — Actor Diego Loyzaga reconciled with his father Cesar Montano after seven years of misunderstanding.

On Instagram, Diego posted photos of him with his father playing basketball, as well as throwback photos of them. 

“7 years is a long time for a son not to see his father. After seven years, after mistakes, God made a way to bring us together again,” he said. 

He said that he already apologized to the veteran actor and wished he could bring back the time.

“I apologize for the impulsiveness of my youth. If we could take back the words and the distance and the time wasted, I would,” he said. 

“One thing we can do is make up for it. It was so good to see you and play ball with you today,” he added. 

Diego also advised others to appreciate their family and loved ones. 

“Value your family and loved ones today for tomorrow is not promised. As I mature, the more I wish saying sorry was enough to fix all of the worlds problems. Just peace and love and nothing else matters,” the actor said.

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