Queen Cat is back! After having an arcadian season, Catriona Gray is yet again ready for the microphone as she wears her hat as host for Top Class, The Rise to P-Pop Stardom.

Just like in Miss Universe, Catriona gives her all in anything she does and that is a promise, she tells fans.

“I have dabbled in a little bit of guestings in the past and reality shows, and this is really an accumulation of all of those things as a mainstay host, the show itself. I am really excited for Top Class and will give it my all,” says she.

Empowered artist Zoe Saldaña, star of The Adam Project, has been very vocal about her advocacies. One of which is about mental health.

Catriona feels that it is time to uplift aspiring talents and help in her own way for them to grow in the entertainment industry.

When asked what makes Pinoys top class, her answer is: “I think it is our drive. We have some of the most driven people in the world and we are also well-supported by our countrymen.” Catriona takes pride in that.

Coleen Garcia (with the author, right) returns to the limelight after a few guestings in her husband’s noontime show, Lunch Out Loud, via the movie Adarna Gang.

Conversing with the former Miss Universe is such a nostalgic moment as we got to witness her crowning in Thailand back in 2018 and her natural talent for conversing and relaying her thoughts to the crowd is just commendable.

She is also not one to back down on questions regarding current queens, when asked about the recent body-shaming current Miss Universe Harnaaz Sandhu of India experienced after posting a photo online. Catriona was quick to correct and call out the error.

“It is really unfortunate that the public needs to tear women down that way,” she shares. “We are campaigning so hard that a beauty queen or a titlist or winner of Miss Universe should be more than an image. She is not limited by what her body shape is, she is a spokesperson at the end of the day.

“She’s effectively doing her role as Miss Universe and I feel it should be celebrated because what message do we send to other young girls and people in social media, who read those comments and compare their bodies. Let’s not use derogatory terms and it’s Women’s Month pa, we should celebrate women, what they give on the table, which is their voice and their platform. That’s what a Miss Universe is.”

Meanwhile, hot momma Coleen Garcia is returning to the limelight after a few guestings in her husband’s noontime show, Lunch Out Loud.

Coleen says that after nearly two years in lockdown and giving birth, she is in a “yes mood” to accept projects in the industry. Her comeback movie, Adarna Gang, launched yesterday on Vivamax. She shares that doing the film made her miss her old self pre-Amari. A sentiment so valid for all first-time mothers and that I can personally relate to as well.

“I didn’t really have the opportunity to do anything else that I love,” says she. “Most of the things that I love involve stepping out of the house, whether it was going for a hike or working out or seeing friends, things that would remind me of who I am. I did not get to have that for the past almost two years and nakakabaliw siya and the hardest part is you don’t realize until you’re already reminded who you were.”

Coleen says that even though it took awhile for her to realize this, she knew that it was part of her journey and that she respects her pacing as a mother, but now what makes her more open to projects is partly because of self-love as well to pursue her passion and not deny herself of things that would make her happy.

“Iyong mentality ko kasi was Amari first,” the actress says. “In every situation and in everything, I thought that I was being a great mother by doing that. But I realized by letting go of myself by completely neglecting myself and for not giving enough time for my marriage, it cannot always be the baby first. You also have to nourish your relationship with your spouse, with yourself. You cannot pour from an empty cup.”

Another woman who exudes what it is to be an empowered artist is Zoe Saldaña. We got to talk to her one on one via Zoom for The Adam Project, which dropped yesterday on Netflix.

Zoe has been very vocal about her advocacies. One of which is about mental health. She grew up diagnosed with dyslexia and ADHD. With this, she recently applauded the growing inclusivity of the awards season with not just extending the recognition to people of different cultures, but to people with special needs as well.

This comes after Coda won big at the recently-concluded Screen Actors Guild Awards.

“It feels great actually. It feels way more balanced,” Zoe says, “way more inclusive and I just hope it continues evolving in the right direction. It is just about time for us as human species. We have to.”

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