TOBACCO TRADERS have been warned of being slapped with penalties if they operate without a license or registration from the National Tobacco Administration (NTA). 

Traders found guilty of doing so were subject to appropriate sanctions under the trading rules and regulations,NTA Administrator Robert Victor G. Seares said during a virtual briefing on Tuesday. 

Mr. Seares said the NTA is closely monitoring trading operations in the provinces, and ensuring proper documentation of tobacco acceptances or purchases and tobacco production. 

Tobacco is mainly grown commercially in the Ilocos Region provinces in northern Philippines.  

We must know and understand the processes when giving licenses and other important documents to avoid difficulties when it comes to inspection,Mr. Seares said as the NTA held an orientation on tobacco trading rules and regulations for personnel, tobacco buying stations, wholesale tobacco dealers, redrying plant operators, and field canvassers. 

NTA Deputy Administrator for Operations Cesario G. Sambrana said traders and personnel should comply with all the requirements for proper documentation and precise reporting of the tobacco leaves.” 

The NTA regulation department has issued licenses to 28 trading centers, permit and authority to purchase to 14 wholesale tobacco dealers, permit and authority to redry licenses to three facilities, and certificate of authorities to 219 field canvassers. Luisa Maria Jacinta C. Jocson 

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