MANILA, Philippines — Filipino rapper Nik Makino, known for garnering 95 million streams for hit songs “Neneng B” and “Lexi,” is introducing his first-ever full album “Hype One’s,” a three-part compilation of his new music that focuses on messages that inspire fans to go after their aspirations and dreams.

Shedding his previous bad boy image, Makino’s new lyrics are gearing toward more inspirational messaging that will surely hype his fans to work on their goals. 

“I want my fans and listeners to know me better aside sa fact na I’m the man behind the song ‘Lexi’ and ‘Neneng B.’ I want them to see that Nik Makino is more than those two hit tracks which paved my way in the local hip-hop music scene. This time, I want more people to relate and connect with my songs in a more positive manner, basing it on my own self realizations and experiences.” Makino shared.

Last January 15, Makino kicked off the release of his first single “Dahan Lang” and its corresponding music video on YouTube. And just recently, staying true to his upcoming album, Makino hyped his fans by dropping yet another single along with a music video titled “Ready Ka,” which garnered a lot of streams and views as of writing.

Makino introduced “Hype One’s” to his listeners – with a simpler and more laidback sound that reaches back to his beginnings, and with lyrics coming from his personal pep talks.

“Hype One’s” includes 14 songs in total, grouped accordingly as Interlude 1 & 2. Each Interlude brackets tread through a story which Nik, himself, crafted personally. He also collaborated with fellow artists like Flow G, Shao Lin, A. Ross, and Dash Calzado to create some of the songs.

The most anticipated track of the album, “Moon” featuring Flow G, is a collaboration fans have been begging for. “Moon” hooks its listeners right away with a hypnotic string opening, molded into a trap beat. A song about the journey to the top, Nik and Flow G rap about their dedication to finding success in rap and all the good and bad things that come with it – from hustling even when things are hard, to knowing that there are people watching and waiting for them to succeed and also fail. One message is clear in this Nik Makino and Flow G track, there’s no room for dead weight on their road to success.

For “Ready Ka” and “Dahan Lang,” Nik made sure to use minimal equipment and to shoot in available locations as the hip hop artist wants to inspire and motivate his fans to do the same thing – work hard and work with what you have.

In “Hype One’s,” Makino intends to share his journey from being Mr. “Neneng B” to now being a father, a partner, and an artist with an influence over his fans. He wants to inspire his fans and other aspiring artists to continue the hustle, be creative, stay consistent, and work toward perfect timing. 

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