MANILA, Philippines — Despite the furor that surrounded Miss World-Philippines 2021 Tracy Maureen Perez’s chances of winning the country’s second blue crown, the expected result did not materialize.

Yet, Tracy is still very lucky to secure a spot in the Top 12 as other early favorites like South Africa and Venezuela were relegated to El Tocuyo status.

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So here are a few reasons why Tracy failed to win the coveted title:

1. Aging out

In a few days, Tracy will turn 29. In the history of the Miss World pageant, no winner was crowned beyond the age of 26. While the organization may have considered some of the candidates’ ages due to the global pandemic, and the pageant’s postponements, Mrs. Julia Morley prefers her winners to be 27 by the time of the international finals, just as her guidelines have been right from the start.

2. Losing momentum

Even with her assurances that she got her groove back, her performance during the preliminary interview, during the announcement of the Top 12, was not like her surefire self during the Head-to-Head and Beauty with a Purpose challenges. She was clearly emotional while delivering her response, bringing her energy a few notches lower. And the beaded blue gown she wore was not her best.

3. Big band theme

When the spiels of the program hosts alluded to the very first year of the pageant, when Sweden’s Kiki Hakansson won the title, it was kind of a hint that the eventual winner will come from a European country. 

4. Not the preferred spokesperson

The annual winner of the Miss World crown works with the organization during her reign. As the spokesperson of the organization’s many causes and crusades, a Miss World winner must endear herself to the entire team because that’s who she’ll be working with for a year, more or less. So while Tracy is a very qualified spokesperson, there must be other traits the organization saw in eventual winner Karolina Bielawska.

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5. Not her destiny

The stars may not be aligned for Tracy’s journey to the crown. The postponement where she lost steam, her non-stellar performance in the Top Model challenge, her late age, as well as other minor details with not-so-desirable outcomes that we don’t know of — all these point to her not-so-favorable outcome, despite her best efforts. As they say, if it’s not for you, it will never be yours.

Let’s hope that the next Miss World Philippines representative will have a surer chance at the blue crown. This early, things are looking rosy. Stay tuned!

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