MANILA, Philippines — With summer coming and restrictions eased, traveling is expected to boom in the coming months. It’s double the effort for parents with kids in tow but it can be manageable with careful planning.

In an exclusive interview for‘s Lifestyle and Entertainment “Slam Book” show, “Pinoy Big Brother” host Bianca Gonzalez Intal shared valuable tips for those who are raring to go out with their kids. 

1. Choose a hotel or resort that will strictly follow and impose protocol.

Bianca stressed that there should be no compromises when it comes to health and safety. The mother of two cannot emphasize enough when it comes to the safety of her daughters, aged 5 and 2. 

“If it’s a beach, choose a resort or hotel that you know will not cut corners. It’s important when it comes to safety lalo na ‘pag may kids,” Bianca said. 

2. ‘Psyche’ your kids days ahead of the trip. 

Bianca said it is important that the kids are aware and reminded of the do’s and don’ts while traveling days before the scheduled trip. This familiarization helps them in being alert during the journey.

“Kailangan ng matinding psyching ang mga bata. I mean days before, tell your kids already. Everywhere you go, you have to wear a mask and don’t touch things. Madaming briefing ang kailangan sa mga bata,” the host shared. 

3. Pack smart. 

It is important to bring the essentials and basics. In this case, masks are needed.  

Bianca related how their family went to Palawan late last year and appreciated the travel bubble scheme, where the same set of travelers have the same fly-in and fly-out dates. She said this helps in maintaining a working contact tracing scheme. 

She also shared that since she has a toddler and a five-year-old, the Similac GainSchool endorser makes sure that she has separate plastic bottles with scooper, milk and bottles of water whenever they travel. 

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