The past three years have been really hard for Albie Casiño. But after his stint in the Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) Celebrity Edition last year, he found his “second chance” in the showbiz industry.

“When I got out of PBB, ito na kaagad yung sinasabi ko na, ‘This is it.’ This is my second chance. When I started out in showbiz, I was very young. I don’t know how things work in this industry. Hindi ko alam kung anong nangyayari sa industriyang ‘to,” he recalled in a virtual media conference, ahead of the premiere of his latest starrer movie, Moonlight Butterfly on Vivamax.

Albie Casiño: ‘When I got out of PBB, I told myself right away, ‘This is it.’ This is my second chance. When I started out in showbiz, I was very young. I don’t know how things work in this industry.’


“Like what Christine (Bermas, my co-star) said earlier about me giving advice, ganun eh. When I started acting, I was maybe Christine’s age or younger. Yun lang yung mga pinapayo ko sa kanya na, ‘Don’t take this for granted.’ Hindi madali para sa lahat na bida ka kaagad (in a movie),” he added.

Now that projects are pouring in, Albie is “super thankful.” He shared, “I’m trying to up my work ethic. Like this week, I’m working every day. I’m doing (It’s) Showtime and some other stuff on the side na kung dati nung bago ako, hindi ko talaga gagawin yung kasi tinatamad ako. But now, strike while the iron is hot before I get lost. LOL.”

In Vivamax latest offering Moonlight Butterfly, Albie plays Roy, the boyfriend of Eunice, a.k.a. Moonlight Butterfly (Christine). As per synopsis, the film tells the story of Eunice, the hottest GRO in Angeles, Pampanga and the three men in her life. She soon learns to play the game of lust and love in order to survive and provide for her family. The sex-drama is directed by Joel Lamangan and also stars Kit Thompson.

When asked if Albie is OK with having a girlfriend who would spend for him, just like in the flick, “Feeling ko po hindi ko po kaya,” he replied. “But if I’m just being honest like sometimes when I go out, girls (will) offer to pay for my drinks, I let them pay. Like you wanna pay for my stuff, ‘Dude, OK lang (laughs).’ But if it’s extreme, yung ganun na yung mga pangkabuhayan showcase, feeling ko hindi ko po kaya.”

He also prefers an “interdependent woman,” saying, “Ayoko naman ng super, super dominant. It’s like, ‘Ano ka nanay ko?’ Uutos-utusan mo ako lagi. Ayoko din naman yung parang tuta (submissive) na kahit anong sabihin mo gagawin mo.”

Albie also wants a partner who “has her own head on her shoulders.” He explained, “I don’t want to be really with an ‘independent woman.’ I want to be with an interdependent woman because it’s our relationship, we have to meet half-way. Kailangan may mga compromises so it’s hard for me to pick one over the other ‘coz both are… there really is a middle ground for that. Understanding talaga.”

But what if his special someone expects him to change? “It depends,” said Albie. Even if you are in a relationship or not, people really change, he continued, “Like I was not the same man five years ago. I’m pretty sure I’m not gonna be the same person five years from now. So, of course, there are some things or other aspects in ourselves that we don’t get to see but are instead seen by people close to us.”

“So it really depends on what do you want me to change. For example, if you told me na, ‘Ikaw gym ka ng gym lagi, ‘wag ka ng mag-gym para may time ka sa akin.’ Yun, no chance, ba-bye ka dun. Pero kung kunwari sinabi niyo sa akin na parang, ‘Mahal parang masyado kang nagpupuyat or Dota ka ng Dota. Yun baka pwede pa, di ba? It really depends on what they want to change,” he furthered.

(Moonlight Butterfly is currently streaming on Vivamax.)

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