MANILA, Philippines — “Queen of All Media” Kris Aquino came out to endorse presidential candidate Leni Robredo despite her sickness. 

In the vice president’s grand rally in Tarlac on Wednesday, Kris said she went to the rally for the future of the country. 

“VP, I did this for you. I did this for my dad, my mom, for Noy. But most of all, I did this for the future of Kuya Josh and Bimb. Kasi, gusto ko ang Pilipinas, ay na sa mabuting kamay,” she said.

“She has respect for the law. She fights for democracy. I’m appealing to you: Let’s not allow this to disappear again. Let’s fight for our rights so that dictatorship will never return,” she added. 



Kris also opened up when she saw a letter of the late President Benigno “Noy” Aquino addressed to Robredo. 

“When Noy died, there was a letter I read that was addressed to VP Leni. It was not sent. I will not reveal what else it contains because that’s confidential. But there’s one paragraph that really touched my heart: Noy said that of all people — meaning of all the party mates — she was the one with a single view, a single vision,” she said.

“In other words, Noy said: ‘It’s only in you that I see sincerity and ability — [the attitude] that put other people first before self.’ And you know, when I read that, I said to myself: You have to fight for her because it was her that impressed Noy. And it’s true. They both have a lot of qualities that are similar. Number one: Whatever is thrown at them, they won’t retaliate,” she added. 

Kris also said that her appearance in the rally despite her medical condition is worth the risk. 

“Number one: It was just nine months ago when Noy suddenly died. But I learned yesterday that… the grand rally of VP Leni would be in Tarlac. So I said: ‘I’m going, and nobody can stop me.’ That’s it, okay. If you only knew how many were nervous of what I’ve been giving for everyone,” Kris said.

“But I said: ‘For my dad, the Filipino was worth dying for.’ For me, stepping back here in Tarlac is worth all the risks because I want to thank you: You did not leave us. You did not forsake us,” she added.

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