Sofia Pablo and Allen Ansay are GMA homegrown talents.

She jumpstarted her acting career as a child star and was introduced as a teen actress in Prima Donnas Season One. He, on the other hand, entered show business as the promdi cutie of StarStruck Seventh Season.

Then, Sofia, the afternoon drama series original cast member, and Allen, the reality artista search’s First Prince, first “crossed their paths” for a Regal Studio Presents episode, which tested their onscreen chemistry. Naturally, they clicked and looked good together.

So, it’s safe to say that when the think tank behind Prima Donnas decided to add the young-love theme to its Season Two’s main narrative, Allen was, hands down, the unanimous choice to play Fonsie to Sofia’s Donna Lyn-Lenlen.

This has further strengthened their chemistry and secured a spot for the Sofia-Allen loveteam in the network’s Five Sparkle Sweethearts. Also joining them in this category are Kyline Alcantara and Mavy Legaspi; Althea Ablan and Bruce Roeland; Shayne Sava and Abdul Raman; and Zonia Mejia and Jamir Zabarte.

“Yes, before launching a love team, they have to see if it’s worth it,” answered Sofia when she and Allen were inquired if their Prima Donnas tandem and performances played a role for the young stars to be named a Sparkle pairing that will brighten up the small screen. “Kailangan i-make sure nila na talagang may natural chemistry between us (They had to make sure that there’s natural chemistry between us) and I think one of the ways to do it is to watch us how we are onscreen, hindi lang (how we are) offscreen.”


Sofia added that there are some love teammates who are “bagay” (and click together) offscreen, but the chemistry seems to change or diminish onscreen. “I’m happy na nakita nila sa amin na both off and onscreen (ay) nakaka-kilig kami.”

Allen, for his part, agreed with Sofia that their work in Prima Donnas helped them become part of Sparkle Sweethearts and gave the talent center a window “to see that we look good together onscreen.” Sofia and Allen again owe a lot to their characters, Donna Lyn-Lenlen and Fonsie, for this feat and turn in their promising careers. “Before people would just see us on TikTok and YouTube,” said Allen of their humble beginnings.

As Sparkle Sweethearts, Sofia and Allen will soon be seen in a TV series and their characters are a far cry from the ones they portray in Prima Donnas. “I’m really excited for everyone to watch it,” said Sofia. “They are super different from Lenlen and Fonsie, mabibigla rin yung other audiences kasi babaliktad.”

“That’s why we got excited when we heard about it,” added Allen, “kasi yung nakilala nila sa Prima Donnas, mag-swi-switch po yun, our characters are opposite of Lenlen and Fonsie.”

Pressed to spill the beans, like about the show’s narrative plot and other quirks of their characters, Sofia said, “Secret pa po, pero malapit na malapit na rin po na magkaroon ng pasilip duon (All other information is kept under wraps, but a sneak peek will be given soon).”

What one can glean from their answers, Sofia and Allen’s upcoming series veers away from the romance drama genre of Prima Donnas or is perhaps set against an intriguing backdrop, like what they wish to do in the future, a work similar to All of Us Are Dead, “Parang may zombie (story), pero mabubuo pa rin yung love story naming dalawa,” said Allen, whose love team partner Sofia also wishes to act in a project with a thriller element.

But for now, Sofia and Allen will enjoy every moment playing Donna Lyn-Lenlen and Fonsie for fans. They are grateful to the team behind Prima Donnas and its director Gina Alajar for giving them the playground to understand the craft of acting and improve themselves.

“Direk Gina would give our characters different scenes para mailabas ang galing namin, para mas mahasa (kami),” said Sofia, whose only competition is herself, which means she has to deliver what’s expected from her and aspire to better herself each time.

As for working with her loveteam mate Allen, Sofia said, “We’re very happy and very effortless kapag magka-eksena kami.” The two get along with each other and it will work wonders on their tandem.

Aside from his mother, Allen would also like to spend time with Sofia during this Women’s Month. “(Compared to me,) she has been in the biz for a long time,” said he, “Nandyan siya, parang hindi niya ako iniwan sa ere, ginuide niya ako sa lahat ng bagay (She’s always there for me and guides me in many things). Pangarap ko na maka-love team siya (It was my dream to be paired up with her).” In fact, Sofia is Allen’s showbiz crush. They will focus on their careers first and are content as very close friends.

As Sparkle Sweethearts, with their jovial personalities, as described by their management, Sofia and Allen will continue to brighten up the small screen with their relatable, endearing characters and the latter’s kilig and heartwarming stories.

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