I have not had the chance to check on all of the albums that True Faith has released over the years. But then since the band’s latest is titled 11 or Eleven, then there must now be 10 True Faith studio albums in existence. That is on the average of releasing one album of new materials every two years. And, so there is now the 11 or eleventh, just to be correct about it.

I came to this conclusion because True Faith got into the music business in 1992 and had its first hit song, the infectious, amusingly jingly Perfect a year later. That was the ‘90s, and it was a sound universe dominated by the devil may care bravado of the Eraserheads and by the anthemic plaints of Rivermaya. Then, True Faith with a sweet courting song that mixed New Wave and jazz came along and provided the cool alternative.

Thanks to the success of Perfect, True Faith was set for life in the music business. True to that promise, the band did deliver a number of big sellers over the ensuing years. So now, I get to thinking, has it really been that long? It has. But then, how nice to find out that True Faith is still around and that its music still retains that sweet, bashful quality that is quite charming.

That must be because True Faith personnel has also not changed over the years. The group is still made up of founder, prime mover, front man, lead vocalist, chief songwriter, and surely the face of the band, Medwin Marfil; then there are Eugene Marfil on the acoustic rhythm guitar; Macky Macaventa on the bass guitar; Allan Elgar on the lead guitars; Jake Lumacad playing the piano and keyboards; and Kaka Quisumbing on the drums.

1992 to 2022 encompasses 30 years and during those three decades True Faith created pop songs that have become contemporary classics and are now part of the personal soundtracks of many Filipinos. As Marfil takes the lead vocals in Dyahe, one of the tracks in 11, he sings “Mga alaala’y bumubuhos sa baso ng aking isipan…”

Oh, what memories True Faith music brings. Remember Medwin’s quite original choreography whenever he sang Perfect? Remember how swoony you felt when you heard Muntik Nang Maabot ang Langit for the first time? And to this day, Dahil Ikaw is still a sweet surprise.

Those and many others come to mind when you think of the best True Faith recordings. Kung OK Lang Sa Iyo, Kung Di Rin Lang Ikaw, Huwag Na Lang Kaya, Alaala, Sa Puso Ko, Sumasarap Ang Gising, Paano Ka Magiging Akin, Ambon, Hi, Pangako, Baliw, Everything She Wore, How Much I Feel, Sandalan, Alam, Kahapon, Pagbabalik, Minsan Lang Ako Umibig, D’yaryo’t Kape, Rain and Ako at si Michael.

Aside from Dyahe, 11’s all-new lineup also includes Refriend, Muli, Go Ka Na, Tulala and certainly one of the happiest tunes ever, Your Ready Smile. Maybe Medwin has some new dance steps to go with the latter.

As always True Faith music is shall we say, “perfect” in every aspect. I mean the right chords come together gracefully, the words, while hip, know the rules of correct grammar. Best of all, the ingredients come together to bring out the intended emotions in the listeners.

I say this because music platforms in the Net are now accessible to anybody. And that means anybody can put out their music online. As a result, we often come across not only mediocre music productions but also erroneous arrangements and lyrics to cringe at. Hey, lessons needed. Editing wanted. Am so glad that there is still the elegant sound of True Faith to listen to.

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