There’s strength in numbers. That’s why Julie Anne San Jose, Jessica Villarubin and Xian Lim come together tonight at 9 (March 30) for the special concert, Stronger Together: GMA Pinoy TV at Expo 2020 Dubai. It’s the international Filipino channel’s participation at the event.

The trio will prove that singing is a cultural expression and love language among Filipinos. Julie Anne, Jessica and Xian remind all and sundry that we “can draw strength from each other” and unite to face life’s challenges. They will not pass up the chance to headline a show like this one that carries such relevant messages.

“It’s the first time for everyone actually,” said Julie Anne of Stronger Together as her and fellow performers’ first-ever live and in-person performance abroad since the start of the pandemic, in a recent press conference. “There has been a lot of challenges for the past two years. But we’re all very, very thankful for this opportunity to see and meet our Kapuso and kababayan there in Dubai.”

“We make sure we will do our best for our kababayan,” said Jessica of the kind of entertainment she, Julie Anne and Xian will offer come showtime.

As for Xian, the new Kapuso leading man said he’s simply excited to perform before members of Filipino communities on this side of the world.

Aside from the excitement, the Pinoy talents could also feel a bit of pressure since the Dubai Expo is a big event and they represent the Philippines in it. Hordes of concert-goers are expected to attend the musical extravaganza.

“There’s pressure, but I feel more excited than pressured,” said Jessica, who, like Julie Anne, has been used to the new normal of headlining musical shows, wherein some segments are pre-taped or broadcast live without studio audiences or their entirety is distributed digitally or live streamed. “(This time), there’s a lot of people, dream ko talaga na mag-concert (at parang) ito na yun (It’s my dream to be part of a concert. This is the fulfillment of it.) Sana matuwa din yung mga kababayan natin sa Dubai because our goal is to entertain them.”

“This is my very first chance to sing in front of plenty of people,” added Xian. “This is the second to the last day of Dubai Expo, I think it’s very special for us and I hope it will also be special for our kababayan in Dubai, we wanna give them the best basically.”

Julie Anne and Jessica will bank on their experiences as Asia’s Limitless Star and The Clash Season 3 grand champion, respectively. Xian can sing and play musical instruments.

“We have our own respective production numbers,” Jessica gave everyone a glimpse into their repertoire, “and we’re gonna be singing medleys and birit songs.”

“Madaming performances,” assured Julie Anne. “We’re just very excited to perform together. Among the good things about GMA Pinoy TV is they bring us closer together and we are stronger together.” They will send, too, the powerful message of hope to fellow Filipinos, added she.

Xian said that “events like this are inspiring,” and Stronger Together gives artists again the platform to see fellow Filipinos and perform in front of them, who also miss taking part in live shows.

“All performances, be them digital or live, are very special in our hearts,” said he, “but this one for Dubai Expo, I think this is extra special and it is slowly sinking in now, the pressure.”

It’s very special in a sense that after two years of everyone staying home and being scared to go out, the artists and attendees now get the feeling of slowly going back to normal, added Xian, who also considers the special concert as one for the books.

“(It’s good to know) that things are slowly getting better, kahit mabagal, at least we’re getting there, we’re progressing,” said Julie Anne.

Asked what fans can look forward to from them after the Stronger Together show, Julie Anne, for her part, said, “We just had a live concert for Limitless Live. It was a very intimate event and it was also a good start kahit papaano nagkakaroon na din ng live audiences, it’s gonna be part of the third installment for Limitless Musical Trilogy.” Aside from that, she shared that she has been writing a lot of songs and will release a new single. “It’s gonna be a collaboration and I’m very excited about it,” said Julie Anne. “I think I will be singing with an icon. It’s gonna be under Universal Records. I will be releasing more songs and new music.”

Xian, whose first Kapuso project abroad is Stronger Together, said, “I really hope I get to do music with GMA in the future.” But his first TV series at GMA is False Positive.

With Jessica, she shared that her followers can expect a new single from her soon.

Stronger Together is also presented by the Department of Trade and Industry, The Filipino Times, TAG 91.1 and fashion designer Ryan Pacioles of Atelier Zuhra.

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