Thai star Vachirawit Chivaaree, simply known as Bright, got his nickname through the family tradition of naming members. His mom gave him the moniker because “everybody’s name in their generation starts with letter B.”

“So many B. Bright has two meanings in English. It means bright like the light and it also means clever,” he told The STAR during the digital media conference for F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers, where he played the lead role of Thyme, the counterpart of Meteor Garden’s Dao Ming Si, in Thailand’s adaptation of the Japanese manga series Boys Over Flowers.

He also assured his Filipino fans that he will visit the Philippines, particularly Cebu, once given the opportunity to travel. “I have a trip in my mind. I want to go to Cebu Island. It’s very peaceful there, so why not. We will be there for sure,” he explained.

Portraying Thyme was challenging and fun at the same time for the Thai actor, model and singer.

The most difficult part for him, however, was “understanding” his character. “We grew up differently — with different backgrounds. So, it is very hard to understand what he thinks,” he said.

What he loved most about playing the role of Thyme was doing the “crazy” scenes, especially in the first and fourth episodes.

Bright Vachirawit plays the lead role of Thyme, a.k.a. Dao Ming Si, in F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers

“I like it when I can do things that I cannot do in my real life like in the first episode. I really enjoyed portraying him. It was so ‘evil and obnoxious.’ I cannot do anything like that in my real life because I’m not like that. But I really enjoyed portraying him in that part,” he shared.

“For me, I enjoyed it whenever I played the character, who is completely different from myself. That’s the fun part of this job,” he added.

Thyme with love interest Gorya (Tu Tontawan) in a scene from F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers.

As the series comes to an end, the 24-year-old mentioned he would be missing his friends and the moments they shared together as F4 members — Ren (Dew Jirawat), Kavin (Win Metawin), and MJ (Nani Hirunkit) — along with lead actress, a.k.a. San Chai-Gorya (Tu Tontawan).

He likewise cited how comfortable he was working with his co-actors.

“(It was) easy to work with (them) because all were very professional and the more we worked together, the closer we got.”

Just a little recap, Bright and Win got the attention of the Filipino fans over the pandemic through the Boys’ Love (BL) series 2gether. They had nothing but good words for each other as co-actors.

“He is good to work with as a person,” Bright said of Win. “We’ve known each other (since 2gether). Win is very easy to work with. I didn’t have to adjust anything to work with him.”

“I feel the same,” Win told The STAR during the mediacon. “I feel comfortable working with him. I feel easy working with him, like, we know each other a lot. We know how to react. We know how to act with each other and I feel like I have no problem working with him at all.”

Moreover, for Win, the most challenging scene while filming F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers was in the Episode 13 when he was crying at the rooftop. He explained, “It was hard for me to understand the story about Kavin. And Kavin himself has to kinda resolve all the complex problems about his life. (In) that scene, he cried and he was happy at the same time.”

The most exciting scene for him was with Nani and the action scene in the fifth episode. “A lot of times, I wanted to play action movies and series. And that scene kind of answered my need. It was fun,” he shared. Next on his bucket list is playing the supervillain The Joker.

“Everything,” answered Nani when asked about the things that he liked and the tough parts he encountered in playing his character. “MJ is so energetic. He is always in action. Playing basketball is a challenge but (also) easy. I also like the (episode where) I rode the big bike.”

“Every day is a fun day,” commented Dew because he loved spending time with his co-stars on set.

On the other hand, Tu has described Gorya’s life as like a “roller coaster.”

“She faces many obstacles and problems which are very different from my real life. She had to work and take care of her family. That was the most challenging part (for me) because I had to see (and understand) what Gorya thinks,” she said, but nevertheless, she loved fleshing out Gorya’s funny and lovable side.

The hit series, which is down to its last three episodes, will be missed for sure but fans and supporters can still see them in their upcoming series projects after F4 Thailand.

F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers is one of the many Thai series available to air in the Philippines as part of ABS-CBN’s ongoing partnership with Thai content company GMMTV.

The show is aired for free in the Philippines on the iWantTFC app and website,, every Saturday night at 9:30. It is also available on Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live on ABS-CBN Entertainment’s YouTube channel and Facebook page, and A2Z every Sunday night at 8:30.

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