MANILA, Philippines — “Queen of all Media” Kris Aquino gave an update on her health status through an Instagram video earlier Monday, denying rumors spreading online that she’s already dead.

“Yung chismis na na-confine ako, nasa ICU, na nag-aagaw buhay — masyado kayong advance,” Kris stated in the video. 

The actress also admitted that her condition has worsen, writing in her Instagram caption, “Mula end of April, we found out life threatening na yung illness ko.”

Kris confirmed she has three autoimmune conditions: chronic spontaneous urticaria, autoimmune thyroiditis and vasculitis.

The actress also shared that she’s leaving the country Tuesday, May 17, to further get medical treatments abroad. 

“I’m leaving tomorrow, para klaro ang lahat. At gusto niyong patayin na ako. Well, I’m not yet dead. I’m going to fight to stay alive,” she added.

“My team of doctors here and abroad are all worried about organ damage in my heart and in my lungs. Kaya lahat ng paraan, sinubukan for me to get to Houston soonest,” Kris said.

She added the medicine that could cure her “doesn’t have FDA approval here or in Singapore.”

In the latter part of her post, the actress asked netizens to stop sending hate messages.

“Kung balak niyo pong mambastos or mag-comment ng masakit o masama, sa mga sarili niyo na lang pong IG, FB, or chat group sana gawin,” she said.

“Hindi niyo po ako kailangan gustuhin para magpakatao,” Kris added. 

The actress has been updating the public about her health condition, sharing in February that she needed to fly to the USA to rule out diabetes and cancer. In April, she shared she needed to take medical treatments abroad for more than a year but failed to get medical clearance for her travels due to high blood pressure.  

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