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Masquerade Ball staged in Vienna

Babaylan Austria, a civic and charitable women’s organization, staged a masquerade ball on November 11, 2023, at the Marriott Hotel in Vienna.
“Indeed, the event was an opportunity to dazzle up, wear masks and dance the night away,” Dorcy Aigner, president of Babaylan Austria, commented.
The motto of the event was: Let your light shine! The Babaylan-Austria.
The president extended her gratitude to her fellow officers and members for their active involvement in various projects and activities of Babaylan. Aigner related the event’s theme to their role as a women’s group in Austria.

“Shining our light, as Babaylanes, is about making a mark, making a difference, ignoring the negative opinions of others and being a positive influencer. And I think “our light” is that special, unique, one-of-a-kind thing that God has deposited in us to make us who we are. The most beautiful aspect of our lives is our light because it reflects our unique qualities, values, and worth and how we will influence others by devoting our time and energy. As Babaylanes in Austria, we want to shine our light by being there for distressed women and fellow men in need! Indeed, this is one of the objectives of Babaylan. We share our light and hope with others when they feel hopeless and devastated,“ Dorcy Aigner said.

Notably, Babaylan Austria oversees and manages the assistance of two beneficiaries of its annual fundraising and philanthropic endeavors. It also participates in and makes a case-by-case contribution to humanitarian campaigns and initiatives.

“May this gathering be another one that will bring us joy and happiness. It is my sincere hope that we will continue to forge stronger bonds of rapport and radiate our spirit of togetherness on all occasions to all guests,” Carmen Pacaigue, one of the pillars of Babaylan, commented.
The event’s highlights were the ballroom dance and the best masquerade mask of the night.

Rose Stumpe got the Best Masquerade Mask of the Night Award.
The Philippine Ambassador to Austria, Hon. Evangelina Arroyo-Bernas, also commended the achievements of Babaylan Austria.
“Babaylan Austrian has partnered with the Philippines to safeguard the rights of the people living here and advance the welfare of the people, especially the women. Babaylan Austria is also involved and engaged in promoting cultural preservation of our art heritage, as witnessed by tonight’s masquerade ball,” the Ambassador said in her inspirational message.

Masquerade parties are generally elaborate dance parties. Initially, such parties were held for upper-class members, including royal families. It is believed that these ‘mask parties’ originated in France.

Masquerade” comes from the French word “masque,” which translates into “mask.” European aristocrats were known to host masquerade balls for their guests.

Since the masquerade parties became particularly popular in Venice during the Venetian carnivals, they are also known as Venetian-themed parties. Masquerade party masks are also popularly known as ‘Venetian masks.’
– Text and pictures: Hector Pascua

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