Friday, June 18

Filipino bishops offer Church facilities as vaccination centers

 Filipino prelates are offering Catholic Church facilities as vaccination centers in a bid to help the government in its COVID-19 vaccine rollout set for next month.

“The bishops decided to offer, if needed, Church facilities to be vaccination centers or facilities related to vaccination program, especially in difficult areas,” Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines President Romulo Valles said Thursday in a briefing.

“We can offer our church facilities to help in this massive and quite complicated and very challenging program of vaccination,” added Valles, who is also the Davao archbishop.

The country aims to start its COVID-19 vaccine rollout by next month or in early March. Only jabs that have been approved for emergency use will be included in the COVID-19 immunization program.

American pharmaceutical firm Pfizer was the first to receive emergency use authorization for its COVID-19 vaccine from the Philippines, followed by British firm AstraZeneca. There are pending EUA applications at the Food and Drug Administration.

The government is targeting to inoculate against COVID-19 up to 70 million Filipinos this year in a bid to achieve herd immunity, in a bid to get most of the country’s population immunized against the highly contagious coronavirus.

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